Sikalastic Waterproofing System

Sikalastic 618 is part of the liquid roofing range of paint coatings from Sika Liquid Plastics manufacturers of Decothane, used as part of the Sika 10 and 15 year roofing system.

Sikalastic-618 is a single component, cold-applied, moisture-triggered polyurethane membrane. It cures to form a seamless, durable and weather resistant waterproofing solution for exposed roof areas.

Sikalastic-618 is part of the Liquid Plastics Liquid Roofing Membrane System used as part of the Sika 10 and 15 year roofing system . A single pack moisture triggered paint embedded into a fiberglass matt that is easily applied by brush and roller. SikaLastic 618 benefits from being cold applied negates the use of hot tools. A polyurethane paint system similar to Liquid Plastics Decothane providing a seamless Vapour permeable water and weather resistant coating that resists UV degradation and retains flexibility at low temperatures. SikaLastic has been developed for ease of use by competent contractors, and is suitable for use on flat, inverted and exposed pitched roofs for new and refurbishment projects.

Applying Liquid Plastics Sikalastic 618

SikaLastic 618 can be applied to existing concrete, roofing felt, slate, brickwork, asbestos cement decks though priming may be required. it can be applied using a brush or roller and produces a tough and durable seamless coating to flat, pitched and inverted roofs. It also conforms to ETA 005 W2 pending External fire performance: BRoof (t4) & classification under BS4763:1958 ext.F.AA

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