Lean To Conservatory

The Lean To conservatory, or sun room, can work best if you’re on a tight budget, and offers one of the simplest solutions for bungalows and porches.

Whether traditional or contemporary, this style is ideal for homes that have limited space under the eaves, such as a bungalow, or an area that’s too difficult to home a conservatory, because the pitch of the roof on a lean-to conservatory can vary. A shallow pitch can fit under a bungalow roof while a steeper one would be ideal for terraced houses.

Lean to conservatoryThe simple shape of a lean-to conservatory allows the maximum space in a highly economical style. They are sometimes called sunrooms, or garden rooms, as they trap the winter sunlight and convert it into heat through the glass.

Furthermore, it can also be combined with other styles to create a combination conservatory.

Colour Options:

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