Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash Windows are perfect for when you want to keep the classic look of your property but want to install a more energy efficient solution.

sash-window-close-upSash Window Images

Our uPVC vertical sliding sash window is available in a variety of style and colour choices. We have 2 profile colour options, 4 foil inside and outside options and 7 foil outside and white inside options.

Profile Colour Options

Our profile is available in 2 colours, white and cream.Sliding sash windows

Foil Inside and Outside Options

We have 4 foil inside and outside colour options.

Crystal White, Cream, Irish Oak & Golden Oak.


 Foil Outside / White Inside Options

We have 7 foil colour options for foil on the outside, white on the inside.

Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, Rosewood, Black/Brown, Cream, Golden Oak, Irish Oak.