Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

At OTP we use Cookies in various different ways, the below outlines how and why we use them across our website.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are very small harmless files a website puts on to your computer to help the website run seamlessly and make your user experience more enjoyable. Most Cookies are critical to a website, ensuring simple functions such as products that you have placed in your shopping basket are remembered. 

Cookies are generally categorised in to the following:

Essential Cookies

Essential Cookies, are just that – essential. Amongst other things, they helps the website run smoothly and allow the contents of a shopping basket to be transferred from the basket to an order whilst also identifying whether or not the customer is a trade account holder.

Information Cookies

As the name suggests, Information Cookies gather anonymous information to assess how customers are using the website. This will then help us to improve certain pages of our site which may currently be poorly designed or unclear for the user. Information Cookies will also highlight the most visited pages or broken links.

Helpful Cookies

The Helpful Cookies are designed to help you, the customer, when returning to the website, for example, they will save information such as name and address for when/if you are looking to make a repeat purchase making it a quicker and easier process for you.

Third Party Cookies

Third Party Cookies help gather and determine customer’s typical browsing habits whilst working in the background so only relevant ads are displayed to you.

Information stored in Third Party Cookies is always anonymous and contains no personal information about our website users.